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Why was Snowcat Ridge Closed Down?

Dade City, Florida – Snowcat Ridge includes a 60-foot sledding hill, an Arctic Igloo were kids can play in the snow and an Alpine Village with picnic tables and vendors. It markets itself as Florida’s first and only alpine snow park.

The attraction just north of Wesley Chapel Florida opened on Nov. 20 but several inspections had yet to be performed, according to Pasco County officials.

Pasco County said they first became aware of issues at the park on Nov. 25, five days after it opened. They said the park did not have the required permits, inspections or certificates of occupancy for structures now deemed “unsafe.”


Pasco County officials released 48 photos that county inspectors took at Snowcat Ridge that focused on violations regarding the electrical connections and shipping containers used as structures. Here is a link to the full report:—Snow-Park-004


This isn’t the first time the Dade City amusement park company owned by owner Benjamin Nagengast has faced scrutiny from officials. In Oct. 2019, Scream-A-Geddon — which is under the same ownership as Snowcat Ridge — faced a $23,500 fine for failing to operate with the required business license. They later settled the violations for $500.

Since the closure, Snowcat Ridge’s management has obtained permission to re-open after fixing most of the issues noted in the inspections.

“After a thorough inspection by Pasco County this afternoon, we’ve addressed the issues reported by Pasco County officials. We’ve temporarily removed the use of our shipping containers in the Alpine Village and the rest of the park has been cleared to open on Friday, December 11th at 3:00pm. The safety of our staff and guests are our top priority and with these modifications complete, we are looking forward to welcoming guests back to Snowcat Ridge.”

– Snowcat Ridge

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