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Three potential routes for Wesley Chapel-Tampa Rapid Transit System

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WESLEY CHAPEL – Potential routes have been selected for the proposed 41-mile bus rapid transit system that would provide express bus service to connect to Wesley Chapel, St. Petersburg and Tampa. 

The TBRATAboard’s transit management committee virtually met earlier this week and agreed to move forward with three alternatives out of five. The data presented by consulting firm WSP showed the various costs for each alternative as it depends on how it travels through the interstate and through neighborhoods. 

What is BRT? Bus Rapid Transit:

What are the approved options?

The board’s next move is to select one of the options, which could take place during the next board meeting, and to then seek funding for the project from regional and state partners. 


  • Alternative No. 1: $56 million to $71 million
  • Alternative No. 3: $351 million to $416 million
  • Alternative No. 5: $647 million to $742 million

Daily ridership

  1. Alternative No. 1: 3,700 to 4,000 riders, with 1,220 to 1,300 being new riders per day. That daily ridership is similar to what Orlando’s commuter rail SunRail experiences. 
  2. Alternative No. 3: 6,300 to 6,700 daily riders with 3,100 to 3,400 being new riders 
  3. Alternative No. 5: 7,300 to 7,600 daily riders with 3,800 to 4,100 being new riders

Commute times during peak hours 

  • Alternative No. 1: St. Pete to Tampa: 52 to 57 minutes; Wesley Chapel to Tampa: 51 to 97 minutes 
  • Alternative No. 3: St. Pete to Tampa: 47 to 51 minutes; Wesley Chapel to Tampa: 39 to 78 minutes 
  • Alternative No. 5: St. Pete to Tampa: 42 to 46 minutes; Wesley Chapel to Tampa: 39 to 78 minutes


  1. Just please don’t use diesel buses. I don’t want my neighborhood stinking up because of this. It would defeat the purpose wouldn’t it? Make them electric only

  2. How does one get to a specific location? For instance, I work near Temple Terrace City Hall. How would I get from the bus route to my work location? How long would it take to get from SR 56 and Morris Bridge to Temple Terrace? Right now it is approx 40 minutes. Would it even be feasible for someone like me?

  3. It’s a half baked idea. It should be a train of some sort that is slightly elevated and moves quickly, just like in every other developed nation in the world, several 2nd world country, and even California. Wesley Chapel to St Pete in 30-40 minutes type of deal. This bus idea is DECADES behind. Why would an idea, as old as George Washington, still cost several hundred million dollars?

  4. We need rail as main route.
    – Additional short route buses to get people to locations within 3 miles (Maybe 5) of interstate / rail route.
    – Buses that run on 15 minute pick up schedules, so people can get to work within range time as driving themselves.

  5. The times are close yet the cost is very different.
    Rail like Europe would be best. They already worked out most of the problems. Why are we so far behind?

  6. Your tax money put in the garbage, why can we not vote for someone that has a brain?

    We need elevated tracks
    An expresso train end to end
    A metro rail that makes sense not a bus that no one will use

  7. We need an elevated rail system that follows I-275 and has stops coinciding with 275 exits. Have commuter parking and escalators near the exists to reach the train platforms. This will reduce traffic congestion on the roads and reduce pollution. Ridership will increase ten fold. Just a thought.

  8. Monorails are the way of the future, run express times and alternating schedules for designated popular stops. It’s not rocket science.

  9. Monorails are the way of the future, run express times and alternating schedules for designated popular stops. It’s not rocket science.

  10. You know what funny buffalo ny is very tiny than Tampa fl and they’re already have rail
    Los Angeles have rail right in middle of freeway It been around
    So what Tampa trying for
    Nothing news

  11. Name one city where this is successful ! Then name one city where over run cost was less than 3 times estimates! No no and no spend the money on infrastructure mass transit is a horrible.

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