Seven Oaks adding Speed Tables and Crosswalks to Community Roadway

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SEVEN OAKS – The Seven Oaks community recently decided to proceed with the installation of new crosswalk locations as well as two new speed tables to prevent speeding near pedestrian crosswalk areas within the Seven Oaks community.

Map of new speed table and crosswalks in Seven Oaks.

One of the number one complaints on most local community social media pages is speeding and driving safety, but most communities never take steps to address. Debates often come up on whether or not speed tables, speed bumps, and other similar measures are dangerous to vehicles, slow emergency responders, etc. We reached out to local fire rescue personnel who advised that they do not view speed tables as an issue in their emergency response plans. In fact, they said that the most prevalent problem that caused delays in emergency responses in such neighborhoods is a lack of working gate codes or siren opening systems in many communities throughout Wesley Chapel. Speed tables, are not a concern for them.

The speed tables and two of the new crosswalks will be installed at the intersection of Ancient Oaks Boulevard and Mystic Oak Boulevard

The location chosen by the Seven Oaks CDD board for the installation of this new crosswalk and speed table will hopefully bring safety to an area that is frequented by school children coming and going from Seven Oaks elementary, a school with the highest level of pedestrian traffic of any school in our area.


  1. So I’m guessing speed table means ticket the residents in order to make money. We have not had a problem in over 17 years and now all the sudden!!

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