PHCC is now Pasco Hernando State College


The Pasco-Hernando Community College is now a state college.

The newly-minted Pasco-Hernando State College will be among the 28 state colleges in Florida.

The new name will mark new beginnings at the Pasco-Hernando Wesley Chapel campus.  Now that it’s a state college, it will offer four-year degrees instead of two.

It also means the college will offer additional programs in nursing and management.

“The mission was to full fill a workforce gap,” Pasco-Hernando State College Provost Stanley Giannet said.

Ashley Mowery is a young mom headed back to college. She is taking advantage of the four-year degrees.

“It’s great not to have to switch around and go to a new school and start all over again,” she said.

Before now, Mowery would have attended Pasco-Hernando for two years and then transferred.

Campus officials say this will be a way to reach out to more students and boost the local economy.

Pasco-Hernando College usually brings in about $240 million a year to the local economy, Campus officials expect the number to increase with the rise in student enrollment.

The new programs will be offered this fall semester.