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Pasco County to Evict Ex-Cop from Land O Lakes Recreation Center

Land O’ Lakes Florida – According to Pasco County Commission documents obtained from public records, a former Sheriff’s Deputy has overstayed his welcome at the Land O Lakes recreational facility on Collier Parkway. Back in 2008, Pasco County signed an agreement with John Peteck, who was at the time, a Deputy with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. Fast forward to now, and Mr. Peteck is no longer a Law Enforcement Officer, and no longer welcome.

According to documents released, the agreement signed back in 2008 gave Peteck an irresistible deal.  Free utilities, free land, improvements and more, all in exchange for him to live at the residence as a Deputy and provide a presence at the park. This deal would continue forever, as long as Peteck remained a Deputy, and stayed in good standing with the security contract.

But that is not the way things stand.  In fact, Peteck has not been employed with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office since October 2009, however he is still living there today. For unknown reasons, Pasco County did not realize that Peteck was no longer a Deputy until March 5th of 2012, meaning Pasco tax payers were footing the bill for Peteck, who was in violation of his agreement. It was on that day that Pasco County Parks sent Peteck a letter giving him 90 days to move out of the County Park.

Fast forward a year and several months later, and nothing has changed. Pasco County has apparently  had enough, and in it’s June 25th meeting, a request for formal eviction is being considered.

Many questions still remain; Why was Peteck allowed to live in the park free, with his utilities paid for by taxpayers, when he was not upholding his agreement? Will the county seek retribution for the waste of tax payer money? Who allowed this to go on for so long?

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