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Pasco County Repeals Mask Mandate Effective Immediately

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A new executive order was issued Monday, April 5th 2021 that repealed the previous emergency order that required facemasks at indoor locations throughout Pasco County.

Pasco County Government is recommending the continued use of face coverings in most indoor public places where social distancing cannot be maintained; however, effective immediately, face coverings are no longer required by law.

Pasco county said that in deciding to relax face covering requirements, Pasco County weighed several factors, including lower COVID19 hospitalization rates and increasing vaccination rates.

Private businesses still control their own policy.

It’s important to note that most businesses are private property and they can set whatever policy they wish as far as mask requirements and other safety regulations. Any private business still has the right to refuse entry to a person who chooses not to follow their policies. most major retailers plan to continue to require masks., but this is now based on their own decision and not required by Pasco County Florida.


  1. We are governed by weak idiots !! Why not keep the mask mandate for a few weeks as vaccinations ramp up. Money and liberty above public health. Pathetic 😳😳😳

    1. Why a few weeks? Why not forever? I think we should lock people up in cages if they refuse to wear a mask.

  2. With the recent report of a big surge of COVID cases in PASCO county this seems the absolute wrong time to lift the ban on face masks as it would be counterproductive.

  3. Guess its back to not supporting local businesses and buying everything online….instead of dealing with idiots who refuse to wear masks. Thank Pasco Gov…

  4. Love all the liberal fear mongering. MY BODY MY CHOICE! Finally people are waking up! If you don’t like that things are returning to the way they should be, stay home or move to Seattle where they embrace your tidepod eating idiocy. Make Wesley Chapel Great Again!!

    1. This. Right. Here. Exactly the point!
      Stay home or keep wearing your mask if it makes you feel safe. At the rate we are vaccinating people, by the end of the month, we should all be vaccinated. I specifically bought in this county recently for this exact reason! Free State! Freedom County. Why are we wearing the mask if we are all vaccinated?

    2. Good for you, Hope you’re not vacinated as yet… Masking is just for a little while longer until more people are vacinated, but there ar available grave spots so don’t wear yours and I hope you are not a parent to young children.

      1. Im not vaccinated, nor have I been tested, nor will I be forced into doing either. Dont like it? Tough. Wear your muzzle, stay at home, be scared, but I will not let anyone trifle with my freedoms. If you don’t like that I have the freedom to do what I please with my body, then go to China since you seem to favor communism so much.

    3. Thank you, Ronald! At least someone in the comments has some common sense. Vaccinations should never be mandatory. My body my choice works both ways. As for the masks, they don’t work. People should do their research instead of listening to mainstream media. All in all, if someone is that scared of catching a virus from someone not wearing a mask then stay home (let’s not forget that you have a 99.74% chance of surviving if you get covid-19). No one is forcing you to be out in public and no one should be forcing someone to wear a mask or get vaccinated. People are giving up their rights because they fear a virus. Once that fear is gone you will wish you had some rights and freedoms left.

  5. I agree your body your choice.. it’s wonderful to return to normal!!! Normal- where no one is sick or dying from COVID.. normal !!! When family members Stop dying from COVID at such early ages. Ages like 49 and 50!!! Which I think is relatively young.. so- while it is your body and your choice – you are also a possible Vector. So- what is the difference between wearing a seat belt and a mask??? Not only do you protect yourself but you also protected others and the ones you love. You obviously must not have had anyone you love pass away. Good for you. But many others have not only had one loss – which is to many:- but have loss a few people in their families. So let’s be human and show a little compassion and respect towards one another.

  6. Here’s my two cents. I lost my mother to the CCP Virus a year ago. Just because local government says that we don’t have to wear a mask, doesn’t mean you still can’t wear one. It’s a choice something we have in this country and a lot of people around the rest of the world do not. We all need to be considerate of each other, respect each other’s personal views and fears, until this pandemic passes.

  7. Good move. Those who don’t agree are free to keep wearing their masks. And probably, many businesses will still require it anyway.

  8. There will always be opposers to whatever.
    No need for personal attacks. Regardless, whether you care or not, each of our irresponsible and selfish behaviors has negative consequences. Many are sick, dying, including children from this pandemic. Even after death, there are consequences (heaven or hell) based on how we treat others.
    Let’s at least respect one another.
    Common sense says, wear a mask when possible and protect yourself and others. Yet respect those who may not choose to do so.
    Thankfully, “Common Sense” appears to be in the majority.
    Can’t make anything Great again. Things never have been Great. However, we as human beings should always self examine ourselves to at least contribute what each of us can. In total, we can make a difference to making things better.

  9. A mask mandate is like a seatbelt mandate. It makes common sense and gets applied not only for the public good but those too dim-witted to fully understand the impact to themselves or for those they are responsible. I am old enough to remember when seat belts were optional, and when it became mandatory, ignoramuses’ would use the same argument. They would say ‘ It’s my right not to wear one.’ They would say ‘I would prefer to be thrown from the car, it would be safer.’…..well ask anyone who has gone through the window of a car if they would have preferred to wear a seat belt. You probably can’t because …they are dead!

    If you took your car to a mechanic and he said you need an oil change; you can opt not take his advice. What if you took it to 100 mechanics and they all said ‘you need an oil change’. Maybe you should start believing them? Same with the thousands of medical professionals who are saying ….wear a mask!

    I know of a guy who at the beginning of the pandemic did not want to wear a mask. He believed that “Only kids and old people get the COVID.” Guess what….. he got it! He is in the hospital and it is 50/50 if he will be walking out of there. He wishes he wore a mask now!

  10. For those who use the argument my body my choice: I do appreciate an individuals right to make decisions that are good for them. “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence. To me is says you have a right to make decisions that you think may make you happy. Also, you have the right to make bad choices.

    Yet Drugs are illegal, wearing clothes in public are required. Driving drunk is illegal. I would love to drive to the mall with a martini in hand, high as a kite and naked as a jaybird, it would make me very happy and it’s my body, if you don’t like it stay at home.

    But guess what?….. I know that no one wants to see a naked me drunk and high wandering the mall! That is for the public good.

    Living in a society means we need to sometimes set aside our selfishness for the public good.

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