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Overnight Fatal Accident Kills Teen on I75 at State Road 56

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WESLEY CHAPEL – A 17-year-old teen died when the pickup truck they were riding in slammed into a tow truck that had stopped to help a motorist, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

The collision occurred about 11:35 p.m. Monday at Interstate 75 and State Road 56 in Wesley Chapel.

The pickup driver was heading north on I-75 in the outside lane when he failed to see the tow truck, the Highway Patrol said. The tow truck had its flashing yellow lights activated as the driver helped a van driver change a tire.

The right front of the pickup struck the left rear of the tow truck, causing the tow truck to spin and strike its operator.

This is another reminder of the importance of Florida’s “Move Over” law that requires motorists to move over at least one lane when approaching stopped emergency vehicles, police officers, or tow trucks on the side of multi-lane roads. Numerous deaths are attributed to move over violations each year and most are avoidable if the law had been followed.


  1. Redundant: “17-year-old teen”
    – “fatal accident kills”
    And, some would also argue you cannot have a collision unless both objects are in motion.

    1. Lol he is a tow truck driver who was stopped on the shoulder lane of traffic with flashing beacon lights pay more attention to your surrounding when driveing it’s sad a teen lost there life open your eyes

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