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New I75 Exit in Wesley Chapel

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This design-build project will construct a new interstate interchange on I-75 at Overpass Road approximately 3.5 miles south of SR 52 in Pasco County. 

The new diamond interchange will include a flyover ramp for westbound Overpass Road access onto southbound I-75. 

To accommodate the new interchange, Overpass Road will be widened from two lanes to four lanes between the interstate and Old Pasco Road and six lanes between the interstate and Boyette Road. Blair Drive will be realigned to connect with Old Pasco Road.  McKendree Road will be realigned to connect with Boyette Road. 

Project Update: Construction activities began October 26, 2020 and are anticipated to be completed in the summer of 2023. Initial construction is focusing on local roads. In the southwest project area, a new neighborhood access road has been constructed and opened (on February 5, 2021) at Old Pasco Road to replace the existing Blair Drive connection to Overpass Road. In the northeast quadrant, McKendree Road has been realigned to connect to Boyette Road (opened on February 5, 2021), just north of Overpass Road.


  1. My husband and I lived in Wesley Chapel for over 21 years and watched its progression from pasture land to suburban. Some changes were good, and some not so good.
    I no longer live in Florida due to my husband’s passing, but love reading about Wesley Chapel.
    Please be mindful of what your residents want and need for the area.
    The hospitals, and medical care facilities are a plus!
    May I suggest keeping Wesley Chapel with a small Floridian town appeal!? That is what I loved best about Wesley Chapel!
    Thank you for letting me share my thoughts.

    1. I have been a resident for 32 yr and it’s sad watching the cows and turkeys disappear. I hope they move slowly on these big homes. Keep Wesley Chapel rural please🙏🏼

    2. The development is continuing at a fever pitch. On the new SR 56, new houses are going up all the way to Handcart / Morris Bridge Rd. Even Dade City is beginning to feel the pinch, they’ve got a new subdivision going with more planned.

  2. This website offered advertising with an easy process to opt out but then took away the opt out and sponsorship list can’t be seen anymore (at least by me). There communication skills are pathetic to say the least as I’ve reached out to them on numerous occasions. It’s only $12 but the terrible communication has led me to post here in order to save any other busy people the trouble of having to deal with such nonsense.

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