Burglars and Car Thieves Strike Wesley Chapel and Land O’ Lakes Area

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Wesley Chapel – Residents all over the area woke up to their cars being rummaged through and some cars even stolen in Wesley Chapel and Land O’ Lakes area. Locally in Wesley Chapel residents took to social media explaining that numerous cars per street were targeted. The thieves mainly entered vehicles that were left unlocked. Videos posted on local community social media groups show the criminals walking up in driveways and checking door handles on vehicles up and down streets in the middle of the night. They then go inside of those cars left unlocked and steal items. In some cases they even steal the car itself.

According to the various social media reports it looks like several communities in Wesley Chapel including Seven Oaks, Northwood, and others were targeted overnight. The suspects were described as younger males (teens or early 20’s) with hoodies.

Keep your doors locked, watch for suspicious activity at night, and call law enforcement if you see something. The Sheriff’s Office number is 727-847-8102 Opt. 7.


  1. Male teens and young adults, isn’t that what the Pasco county sheriffs data sharing program is designed to prevent! And yet the Tampa Bay Times continually criticizes our sheriff! And where are the parents? How about holding them accountable for the juvenile delinquents that they’ve raised?

      1. You can’t expect one program to be 100 percent successful and do the work of parents. Hopefully it will help identify and catch these criminals before they move on to even more horrendous crimes.

    1. I saw a bunch of teens in a Woods area on 54 Wesley chapel boulevard area and I was on the phone with a friend driving home and wanted to report the 6-8 teens out at 11:00, my friend discouraged me and now I regret not calling the police but I didn’t know how to describe what I witnessed, calling in about a bunch of teens at 10:30/ 11:00 at night?

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